Klüber Silvertex T 22

Artikelnummer: 035507 Semi-synthetic, biodegradable, high-performance needle and sinker oils

In the knitting industry, requirements in terms of consistent product quality, compatibility of materials, wear protection and scourability are becoming more and more stringent. We therefore developed the Klüber Silvertex T needle oils, which are manufactured in consistent quality using special mineral and synthetic base oils and additives. These oils are biodegradable according to OECD - 301 c.

Klüber Silvertex T oils reduce wear and deposits on stitch-forming elements, thus ensuring long and trouble-free operation of knitting machines, while at the same time reducing operating costs. The semi-synthetic formulation of these oils improves cold start of your large circular knitting machines equipped with a high number of needles. This will contribute to reducing operating costs.

Klüber Silvertex T oils are scourable using customary washing liquors.

Klüber Silvertex T 22

Fördelar för din applikation

  • Comply with the legal requirements set forth in EU Directive 2003/53/EC for placing NP/NPE-containing products on the market

  • Long service life of stitch-forming elements due to good wear protection and damping effect

  • Compatible with electronic control systems, elastane fibres and commonly used sealing materials and plastics due to the special base oils and additives

  • Improved cold start behaviour due to the semi-synthetic formulation

  • Higher economical efficiency of knitting machines due to reduced downtime

  • Reduction of operating costs due to extended maintenance intervals

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