When you need an inspection now

We know that attaining the right lubricant is just one key element of your operation. You also need to apply it correctly and have optimal machine conditions for the right production.  That’s why every Klüber Lubrication purchase comes with the expertise of manufacturing and production consultants:

  • Lubrication best practices
  • Equipment inspections (chains, open gears, etc.)
  • Application consultation and plant audits
  • Manufacturing consulting services

Faster than ever before

But what happens when you have a production problem or need a lubricant analysis that cannot wait for a service expert to be onsite? 

With the remote visual inspection technology available today, there’s no reason you cannot have answers faster than ever before.

Solve problems by calling our remote consultants - any industry, any customer

  • Who: Our Remote Experts are application engineers who can talk directly to a customer – or to onsite Klüber Lubrication colleagues and channel partners – whose manufacturing plant is using Klüber Lubrication oil and grease.
  • What: We use remote inspection technologies like smart phones, smart glasses, and tablets paired with audio and video chat software. Additional visual inspection tools like digital cameras, thermal imaging, strobe lights, and infrared monitors can be supplied to the customer or inspector when necessary. We are also able to adapt to other technologies already used by customers
  • When: Remote inspections are not substitutes for regular in-person visits. But this added benefit removes the boundaries of time and travel – and other restrictions like areas restricted to outside visitors – so that customers can have faster responses, faster analysis, and faster solutions.

These commercial operations took advantage of faster solutions

  • Industry: Wind
  • The job: A Klüber Lubrication expert did service work in a wind turbine while connected with the customer’s engineers located in another state.
  • Industry: Mining
  • The job: Restrictions to the site made a virtual inspection necessary. Remote experts were able to inspect mobile equipment and analyze critical lubrication objects online.
  • Industry: Cement and Mining
  • The job: Travel restrictions made it necessary to remotely inspect the open gears of a ball mill and kiln. A remote Open Gear expert guided the company’s maintenance engineer, who used equipment to share live footage for the remote visual inspection.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Get solutions when you need them, not bound by travel, time and site restrictions.
  • Access to global experts and resources
  • Smoother operations with less downtime
  • Get more from in-person site visits when sales managers and channel partners have access to application experts

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