US BB 312

Артикулен №: 003010 Silicone-free special sliding, damping and sealing lubricant for various design elements ranging from valves and fittings to optical equipment

With US BB 312, we offer you as a user or manufacturer of e.g. valves and fittings a silicone-free special sliding, damping and sealing lubricant based on synthetic hydrocarbon oils and thickened with a thermally very stable silicate for various design elements ranging from valves and fittings to optical equipment.

This specialty lubricant enables good wetting even in narrow lubricating gaps and hard-to-access friction points and does not affect the taste of beverages (e.g. beer). Due to the relatively good viscosity-temperature behaviour of US BB 312, constant operating smoothness is attained e.g. in ceramic discs in single-lever mixers or other tribo-systems in general household applications such as ball and other valves or in optical equipment over a wide temperature range.

While solid lubricants are absent from the product, US BB 312 has a very positive effect on the specific surface pressure at the surfaces of two friction bodies, preventing undesirable jamming, sticking or seizures. The product offers very good adhesion to various materials and their surfaces and does not run off components with unfavourable geometries such as vertical or moving parts or friction point configurations.

US BB 312

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Smooth operation without stick-slip of haptic equipment and tripods

    • due to good viscosity-temperature behaviour

  • Very good and sustained local wetting and damping without spreading

  • Longer protection of components and sealing elements due to

    • good media resistance and sealing effect, e.g. against cold water to steam, aqueous and alcoholic beverages as well as acidic and alkaline media and disinfectant solutions

    • neutral behaviour towards metals, alloys, elastomers and plastics

  • Certified according to the worldwide leading standard BWGL-KTW for lubricants in sanitary valves and fittings

  • Reliable operation of beverage dispensing installations as the product is neutral in taste and does not affect the formation of beer froth

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