Артикулен №: 022266 Special lubricating grease for drinking water valves and non-metallic material combinations

As a manufacturer or operator of valves you cannot compromise on the quality of the lubricants you select for your technically advanced components, which is why you opt for products based on sound research and the experience of many decades of development. You count on smart product concepts to meet the manifold and demanding tribological requirements in your valves, which are used in households, industry or the health sector.

We have developed the new adhesive special grease UNISILKON LCA 11001 precisely for these tough requirements. The careful selection of the silicone base oils, the special calcium soap and the sophisticated solid lubricant concept enable particularly smooth operation combined with reliable function.

As the viscosity is not strongly influenced by changing temperatures, UNISILKON LCA 11001 enables largely constant actuating forces with cold or hot water even at the high surface pressures prevailing in ceramic cartridges.

This special haptic characteristics are rounded off by good wetting and adhesion with contact ratios from 50 to 99.9 % on various material surfaces, even in narrow lubricating gaps and friction points that are hard to reach. This leads to an especially smooth and luxurious customer experience.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced number of lubricants possible due to

    • use with all types of material combinations like ceramics/ceramics, metal/plastic or elastomers

    • very good resistance to both cold and hot water

    • mostly neutral behaviour towards ceramics, metals, elastomers and plastics

  • Smooth valve operation (haptics) and constant functionality throughout the intended product lifetime

    • due to good wetting and adhesion to various material surfaces

  • Long service life and reliable operation due to

    • good thermal stability also when applied as a thin lubricant film

    • a good sealing effect

    • good backflow behaviour

  • Approvals acc. to guideline of the German Environmental Agency UBA (DVGW-KTW), NSF 61, ACS, WRAS

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