Артикулен №: 022095 High-temperature grease for a wide service temperature range

Manufacturers and operators in the wood, textile or paper industry have to lubricate rolling bearings subject to high temperatures.

We designed UNISILKON L 50/2 to meet these requirements.

UNISILKON L 50/2 is a high-temperature grease for rolling and plain bearings based on silicone oil and PTFE solid lubricants suitable for a wide service temperature range.

The long-term grease UNISILKON L 50/2 has a good wetting ability on metal surfaces and offers good wear protection, resistance to ambient media and thermal stability. You can extend relubrication intervals and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs, so UNISILKON L 50/2 can reduce your operating costs.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Made of special raw materials to ensure long-term and for-life lubrication at high temperatures

  • Wear reduction for increased component availability due to its good pressure absorption capacity

  • Versatile use due to good compatibility with aqueous solutions

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