Артикулен №: 022101 Special lubricating grease for tap water and heating fittings

UNISILKON L 200 is a special lubricating grease based on silicone oil and PTFE. The product meets the legislative provisions of the German Health Authority governing the use of plastics and drinking water (DVGW-KTW). It is also approved by WRC (Water Research Centre), Great Britain.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Good sealing effect

  • High thermal stability

  • High resistance to many aqueous solutions

  • Neutral towards many plastics and elastomers, e.g. ABS, PC, EPDM, NBR

  • Excellent resistance to cold and hot water, water steam

  • Certified acc. to BWGL-KTW (UBA-guideline) and WRC

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