Артикулен №: 022245 Special lubricating grease for Bowden cables, seals and plastics

Bowden cables in cars have to operate smoothly and noiseless at any temperature in summer and winter time.

UNISILKON F GLK 112 optimally contributes to complying with this requirement as it ensures smooth operation of components at low temperatures and very good stability at high temperatures. The lubricant is based on carefully composed silicone oil, special lithium soap and solid lubricants which enable a low breakaway torque.

UNISILKON F GLK 112 also stands out for its compatibility with many elastomers (but not silicone rubber) and plastics.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Longer component life due to

    • good compatibility with elastomers and plastics

    • excellent wetting of functional surfaces

  • Wide service temperature range and

    • low breakaway torques at low temperatures

    • reliable function also at high temperatures

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