Артикулен №: 020500 High-temperature lubricating greases

STABUTHERM GH 461 and STABUTHERM GH 462 are high-temperature lubricating greases based on mineral oil and polyurea. They have a wide service temperature range and can be applied in rolling bearings up to 180°C. If the lubricant is used in central lubrication systems, operating temperatures up to 200°C are possible. STABUTHERM GH 461 and STABUTHERM GH 462 feature highly effective anti-wear properties. The greases are very adhesive and resistant to water both under static and dynamic load. STABUTHERM GH 461 and STABUTHERM GH 462 are resistant to oxidation and provide reliable protection against corrosion.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduction of lubricant costs due to

    • lower consumption

    • reduced waste water disposal costs due to excellent water resistance

  • Longer component life and trouble-free operation due to

    • good wear protection, good load- carrying capacity even at high temperatures

    • excellent corrosion protection

  • Proven pumpability and metering in central lubrication systems

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