Артикулен №: 020206 Special synthetic lubricating grease for plain bearings subject to high loads and temperatures

POLYLUB GLY 791 is based on a synthetic hydrocarbon oil, mineral oil and special lithium soap. It has been designed for friction reduction and wear protection of plain bearings and slideways with metal/metal or plastic/metal material pairings.

This special lubricant covers a wide range of operating conditions, from low to high speeds and loads, even in the case of fibre-reinforced plastic components and metal/plastic sliding pairings.

The lubrication of plastics is special in a number of ways . As the behaviour of metals and plastics differs in many aspects, the lubricant’s properties have to be adjusted to the plastic. Compared to many metals, plastics are relatively soft. Solid lubricants, which may achieve a positive effect on many metal friction points, can have a negative or no effect at all on plastic lube points. With the formulation of POLYLUB 791, Klüber Lubrication offers a product which is free of solid lubricant, but covers the many operating conditions mentioned above.

Owing to the many different plastic compositions, however, we recommend checking their compatibility particularly prior to series application.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • For metal/metal and plastic/steel material pairings

  • Neutral towards many plastics and elastomers

  • Provides good wear protection to fibre-reinforced plastics

  • Good corrosion protection of metal mating surfaces

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