Артикулен №: 020285 Special synthetic lubricating greases for a wide application range

The product series POLYLUB GLY 151, 501, 801 is based on a synthetic hydrocarbon oil, mineral oil and special lithium soap. It comprises three lubricating greases reducing friction and wear in plain bearings, slideways and small gears made of plastic.

The lubrication of plastics is special in a number of ways. As the behaviour of metals and plastics differs in many aspects, the lubricants' properties have to be adjusted to the plastic. Compared to many metals, plastics are relatively soft. Solid lubricants, which may achieve a positive effect on many metal friction points, can have a negative or no effect at all on plastic lube points. With the formulation of POLYLUB GLY 151, 501, 801, Klüber Lubrication offers products which are free of solid lubricants, and offer good adhesion.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • For many applications in connection with various plastics and elastomers

  • Approved by many renowned manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry, e.g. DBL 6827.60, VW TL 52147, Brose Fettgruppe 11 and many more

  • The integrated UV indicator allows a reliable lubricant detection (wave length 366 nm) even with minimum quantity lubrication

  • Contributes to mechanical damping and noise reduction of switches and contacts.

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