Артикулен №: 022148 Synthetic lubricating grease for valves & fittings with EPDM seals

PARALIQ GTE 703 is a special lubricating grease based on silicone oil and PTFE.

The product is registered as NSF H1 and complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. It was especially developed for the incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries, thus contributing to the reliability of your production processes. Nevertheless, we recommend to conduct an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.

Besides for seals, PARALIQ GTE 703 may also be used for very low-load rolling bearings used in the beverage industry where an EPDM-compatible H1 lubricant is required. Very low load applications with a C/P ratio of 30 and slow speeds.

PARALIQ GTE 703 is resistant to hot and cold water, disinfectants, cleaning agents and steam.

When applied properly, it does not impair the formation of froth or the taste of beer.

Doemens Academy GmbH in Gräfelfing, Germany, confirmed that PARALIQ GTE 703 meets all requirements for a sealing grease in dispensing units.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • A reduction in your lubricant inventory with one lubricant which can be considered for both seals and rolling bearings

  • Good compatibility when coming in contact with EPDM seals or even beer foam enhancing seal life and reduction in down time

  • High resistance to many types of media such as disinfectants, cleaning agents, water, steam ensuring maximum protection of both seals and bearings, enhancing life and operating cost reduction

  • NSF H1 registered supporting process reliability

  • NSF ISO 21469 certified - supports compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production plant. You will find further information on ISO standard 21469 on our website

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