Артикулен №: 028072 Pasty oil reservoir for sintered metal sliding bearings

Would you like to increase the lifetime of sintered bearings? Do you need to ensure reliable lubrication across a wide service temperature range? MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is designed to meet these exact requirements. It is a silicone gel oil paste for the additional lubrication of sintered metal sliding bearings. The performance of sintered bearings lubricated with MIKROZELLA GTK 055 is considerably increased, especially if vacuum-impregnated with compatible silicone oils like UNISILKON TK 055 in advance.

MIKROZELLA GTK 055 gel is applied to the external surfaces of the porous sintered metal bearing. The capillary effect ensures that the bearing's pores are continuously supplied with fresh lubricant, which considerably improves the lubricant supply to the component compared to the traditional oiled felt method.

You can of course always contact our experts to discuss the details of your application.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Significantly extended lifetime of sintered metal plain bearings impregnated with silicone oil

  • Clean, easy and fully automatic application

  • No additional fixing of the oil depot required due to the product's excellent adhesion

  • Tried-and-tested in applications with a wide service temperature range

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