Артикулен №: 028027 Plastic oil reservoir system for additional lubrication of sintered-metal plain bearings

Would you like to increase the lifetime of sintered bearings? Do you also need to ensure reliable lubrication across a wide service temperature range and variable operating conditions? MIKROZELLA GDB 2-68 is designed to meet these demanding requirements. This synthetic depot lubricant is based on a mixture of ester oil and synthetic hydrocarbon oil allowing a considerable extension of component service life in many cases. MIKROZELLA GDB 2-68 is compatible with ester or polyalphaolefin sintered bearing impregnating oils and fluids. The products MIKROZELLA GDB 2-68 and Klüberfluid DHL 2-2100, as well as MIKROZELLA DGB 2-68 and Klübersynth DB 2-68, have been designed such that they can be combined in order to attain extended lifetimes of sintered metal plain bearings.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Longer service life of bearings due to additional lubrication

  • High reliability and maintenance-free use due to controlled oil release

  • Convenient application as product is ready-to-use

  • Cost savings due to fully automatic large-batch application

  • Wide-range application selection through different oil viscosities

  • High reliability over long period even under varying operating conditions

  • Easy assembly due to good adhesion to sintered bearing surfaces

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