Артикулен №: 030166 Lubricating oils for slideways and guideways

Linear guides are expected to function precisely and to run smoothly despite being subject to many start-ups and stops. They often have to withstand vibrations and go a long time without maintenance. Slideway oils can often not be prevented from mixing with cooling lubricants containing water, which then leads to residue formation and shorter coolant life.

LAMORA D oils were especially developed for such taxing requirements. Our oils offer excellent lubricity also at low sliding speeds, enabling constant and precise feed motion of workpiece and tool slides. They ensure good wetting of the sliding surfaces and a high load-carrying capacity, especially of slideways with plastic coatings. Tests at SKC Schmidt GmbH & Co. (formerly Hans Schmidt Gleittechnik GmbH & Co.) have shown that the oils attain "good" to "very good" results both in terms of their coefficients of adhesion and their demulsifying behaviour in contact with customary cooling lubricants.

LAMORA D oils are in compliance with ISO 6743 part 13 GA and GB.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Prevent residue formation and stick-slip at low sliding speeds

    • Good demulsifying behaviour towards water-miscible cooling lubricants

    • Optimised coefficients of adhesion

    • Good wetting and load-carrying capacity

  • Especially for slideways and guideways coated with plastic

  • Meet the requirements of CGLP oils acc. to DIN 51 502

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