Klübertop TP 58-1050

Артикулен №: 099344 Air-drying, water-miscible one-component bonded coating for elastomers and thermoplastics for use also as an assembly aid

Klübertop TP 58-1050 is an air-drying PTFE bonded coating in an organic binder. Once applied and dried, the bonded coating shows good wear resistance, a low friction coefficient and the ability to slide at low speeds without stick-slip. Despite the water contained in the solvent, the product dries fast and is dry to the touch after 15 min. Its adhesion on plastics – e.g. ABS, PC, PVC, PU, PA, PS – and elastomers – e.g. NBR, FKM, SBR, EPDM – is good.

Klübertop TP 58-1050

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Air-drying

  • Very low friction coefficient

  • Prevents stick-slip

  • Reduces assembly forces

  • Quality checks carried out quickly thanks to UV indicator (visible at 300 - 400 nm)

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