Klübertop TP 39 N A/B Komp. A

Артикулен №: 099199 Two-component PTFE bonded coating for metal components

Klübertop TP 39 N A/B is a thermosetting, black-coloured high-performance bonded coating made up of two component parts. It has an organic binder containing PTFE as the solid lubricant.

Klübertop TP 39 N A/B reduces friction and wear on metal/metal and metal/plastic material pairings. This bonded coating can be used for high mechano-dynamic loads as well as with high temperatures.

Klübertop TP 39 N A/B is supplied in liquid form and with a viscosity ready to use. It con-tains an inflammable solvent mixture (former hazard class A II ).

Once applied and hardened, the bonded coating forms a dry lubricating layer with a wide service temperature range, low friction coefficients and a high resistance to wear. Its resistance to chemicals and anticorrosive effect are good.

Klübertop TP 39 N A/B excels due to its ex-traordinarily high wear resistance plus good adhesion on steel and aluminium substrates.

Klübertop TP 39 N A/B Komp. A

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Long component life expectancy

    • for a wide service temperature range

    • especially in combination with oils or greases

    • due to a highly flexible bonded coating

    • coatings of up to 70 µm thickness can be applied

  • Better component performance

    • due to less stick-slip

    • due to very high wear resistance

    • as lifetime lubrication is possible

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