Klübertop TP 15-810

Артикулен №: 099145 Water-miscible, air-drying bonded coating offering lifetime wear protection

Klübertop TP 15-810 is a black air-drying bonded coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and an organic water-miscible binder. Klübertop TP 15-810 is a fluid, ready-to-use and non-flammable product. Once applied and hardened, this bonded coating dries rapidly and ensures good resistance to wear and chemicals, a low friction coefficient, no stick-slip at low speeds and good corrosion protection on phosphated surfaces. Its resistance to oils and greases is good.

Adhesion to metals and various plastics is good. Owing to its composition, and due to the fact that heat setting is not required, Klübertop TP 15-810 is particularly suitable for the coating of synthetic materials such as ABS, PC, PVC, PU, PA, PS.

Klübertop TP 15-810

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Clean, dry wear protection

    • lifetime wear protection firmly 'rooted' in the surface

    • no contamination by fluid lubricant

    • no sticking during automated assembly

  • Lower costs and less space required during processing

    • Klübertop TP 15-810 is water-miscible and requires no VOC filter system

    • cost-efficient mass coating of small parts

    • fast air-drying – no heat setting required

  • Higher component performance

    • very low friction coefficient

    • no stick-slip

    • delayed tribocorrosion

    • good corrosion protection on phosphatized substrates

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