Klübertop K 01-601

Артикулен №: 045079 Pressure testing and preservation fluid

Klübertop K 01-601 is a water-miscible fluid on the basis of polyglycols and surfactants. It is suitable for pressure testing and preserving pumps and other pressure vessels used in heating and sanitary installations. Klübertop K 01-601 has good anticorrosion properties and is compatible with elastomers such as NBR, EPDM, SBR and FPM. According to DIN 38 412 pt. 25, “Testing Procedures Using Water Organisms” (EN 29888), group L (comparable with OECD 301 B), Klübertop K 01-601 is rapidly biodegradable and achieves a degradation level of more than 72% after 13 days as far as its chemically oxidizable constituents are concerned.

Klübertop K 01-601

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Water-miscible fluid for pressure testing and preservation

  • Good anticorrosion properties

  • Rapidly biodegradable in acc. with DIN 38 412, pt. 25

  • Compatible with NBR, EPDM, SBR and FPM elastomers

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