Klübertherm HM 2-220

Артикулен №: 002190 High-temperature oil for the glass industry

The glass industry's requirements in terms of production speed and output are ever increasing, while operating conditions are posing more and more of a challenge.

You can get support in the form of Klübertherm HM 2-220, a new fully synthetic high-temperature oil based on an innovative additive and base oil concept. It was especially developed for the glass industry.

Due to the low evaporation loss even at very high temperatures and optimised residue formation, machines operating at high speeds and high temperatures can be optimally lubricated with Klübertherm HM 2-220, and at the same time relubrication intervals can be extended.

These longer relubrication intervals were confirmed in field tests on IS glass-making machinery. The reduced material consumption means less strain on resources, benefits for the environment and lower operating costs.

Klübertherm HM 2-220 can be used on conventional, pneumatically driven glass-making machinery as well as on the new machines with servo-electric drive.

Klübertherm HM 2-220

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Higher machine efficiency and output due to

    • considerably longer lubrication intervals

    • very low machine contamination

    • residues that can be regenerated easily

    • low wear even at high temperatures

  • Uninterrupted machine operation, trouble-free start-up

    • as product shows good pumpability and can be metered via centralised lubricating systems

    • as effect of temperature on viscosity behaviour is very low

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