Klübertherm 1-39 HT

Артикулен №: 029101 Heat-transfer fluid for industrial applications

As an operator of heat-carrier systems you have high expectations in terms of process reliability and safe operation. Hence, selecting the appropriate heat-transfer fluid is of utmost importance. Klübertherm 1-39 HT is an efficient heat-carrier fluid for closed systems, which meets the high requirements in terms of thermal stability.

Contrary to standard mineral oils, Klübertherm 1-39 HT contains highly refined hydrotreated heavy paraffinics to attain the high thermal stability of this heat-transfer fluid. Klübertherm 1-39 HT also stands out for its low vapour pressure and high oxidation stability. Therefore, Klübertherm 1-39 HT significantly contributes to reducing maintenance costs and extending oil change intervals.

Klübertherm 1-39 HT

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extended oil change intervals achievable due to highly refined paraffinic base oils

  • Reduced maintenance efforts and dependable operation due to high thermal stability

  • Low residue formation due to the high thermal and oxidation stability

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