Klübertemp LB 83-41

Артикулен №: 090228 Long-term lubricating grease for friction points in modern actuators

You are frequently faced with the challenge of enabling long service life under demanding conditions. Your component has to endure continuous operation and temporary temperature peaks. At the same time, breakaway torques and friction values at very low temperatures should be small.

Under these conditions, Klübertemp LB 83-41 is the right speciality lubricant for you.

Due to the specific raw materials used, Klübertemp LB 83-41 shows very good resistance to chemicals and compatibility with most non-ferrous metals, plastics and elastomers.

It is an ideal grease for applications where requirements are manifold, for example in actuators that contain a variety of materials and are subject to frequent temperature fluctuations. Klübertemp LB 83-41 is a speciality lubricant based on PFPE oils and a special PTFE solid lubricant meeting the taxing requirements of the automotive industry in terms of low-temperature resistance, material compatibility and component lifetime.

Klübertemp LB 83-41

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • High component performance due to

    • low power consumption enabled by exceptionally low breakaway torque even at extremely low temperatures and the shear stability of this speciality lubricant

    • low friction coefficients over a wide temperature range

    • low stick-slip tendency

  • Long component life over a wide temperature range due to

    • controlled, low evaporation loss

    • very good resistance to chemicals

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