Klübertemp HM 83-271

Артикулен №: 090124 Long-term lubricating grease for rolling bearings operating under elevated temperatures

Klübertemp HM 83-271 is a high-temperature and long-term lubricating grease based on perfluorinated polyether oil and a PTFE thickener offering good resistance to churning. Special additives offer highly effective wear and corrosion protection as well as extended relubrication intervals. Its very good resistance to aggressive media facilitates its use in components for gas transport and regulation.

Klübertemp HM 83-271

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Long maintenance intervals in applications subject to high temperatures

  • Soft texture for easy relubrication

  • Suitable as lubricant for gas fittings and actuators according to DIN EN 377, category E

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