Klübertec C 1-101

Артикулен №: 037251 High-temperature, low-residue lubricating oil for mould release in metal-forming processes, e.g. continuous casting of aluminium alloys

Klübertec C 1-101 is a high-temperature lubricating oil which offers particularly good mould release properties for such a type of low-viscosity product. Its evaporation tendency is low due to a high flash point and, consequently for long cycle times, consumption and smoke generation is much reduced.

The quality and purity of Klübertec C 1-101, having no pigments or solid lubricants ensures low residue formation, reducing set-up time between cycles, leaving clean surfaces on the manufactured parts and further reducing processing.

Klübertec C 1-101

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low smoke generation due to high thermal stability and hence better visibility

  • Low evaporation and consumption due to a high flash point

  • Improved surface finish of the castings and reduced residue formation on the mould as the product is free of pigments or solid lubricants

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