Klübersynth VA 62-253 G

Артикулен №: 001048 Special lubricant containing solids for valves and fittings

As a manufacturer or operator of valves and fittings that are used in contact with liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons or their condensates you are certainly interested in protecting these components against wear.

With its good adhesion to surfaces and resistance to media, Klübersynth VA 62-253 G is not susceptible to washout and therefore helps extend the operable time of your valves and fittings. The firm consistency of the lubricating grease ensures a good sealing effect and a uniform pressure distribution in your production plant.

Klübersynth VA 62-253 G

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reliable function of systems and components in the oil & gas industry (including sour service applications) due to

    • good resistance to petroleum and natural gas and their constituents such as H2S, CO2, condensates and hydrocarbons

    • excellent adhesion, good wear-protecting effect and excellent load-carrying capacity

    • good compatibility with EPDM and materials used in this branch of industry

    • wide service temperature range

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