Klübersynth V 94-751

Артикулен №: 004326 Special lubricant, sliding and sealing agent for valves and fittings

Klübersynth V 94-751 is a lubricant that has been newly developed for users or manufacturers of valves and fittings, for example. It consists of special synthetic base oil components and a calcium complex soap thickener with a highly polar effect. A combination of additives enables a lubricant film to build up even at very low (e.g. repetitive) speeds. Klübersynth V 94-751 also shows strong performance under low and elevated loads as well as when used with varying proportions of sliding friction and many different types of component material.

Klübersynth V 94-751 offers good adhesion to various materials and their surfaces. While even friction points in narrow lubrication gaps are reliably wetted, the lubricant does not tend to flow off from components with an unfavourable geometry, from vertical arrangements or moving friction points.

The lubricant film offers high thermal stability in the tribo-system, even under the influence of difficult ambient conditions. With regard to use in gas equipment and actuators, fuel gas requirements are met acc. to 377 class D, i.e. to an upper lubricant service temperature up to 140 °C.

Klübersynth V 94-751

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extended component service life due to

    • good low-temperature behaviour and very good thermal resistance

    • neutral behaviour towards polar elastomers, e.g. NBR/HNBR

    • good corrosion protection

    • neutral behaviour towards aluminium, brass and metals

    • good resistance to fuel gases acc. to DVGW worksheet G260

  • Ease of operation and prevention of stick-slip due to

    • low temperature dependence of lubricant film

    • very good and durable wetting of friction points

    • reduced friction and wear in a multitude of possible material combinations

  • DIN-DVGW-type examination certificate acc. to DIN EN 377 class D (…140 °C) as lubricant for use in equipment and actuators for fuel gases

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