Klübersynth RP 44-41

Артикулен №: 004336 Low-temperature grease with good elastomer compatibility

As a manufacturer of starters in motor vehicles you are looking for a solution to lubricate components such as helical splines. Klübersynth RP 44-41 is a special grease offering very good low-temperature characteristics while preventing undesirable interaction with the elastomers used due to specially selected additives. Especially where materials like HNBR or NBR are used, good compatibility can be attained in contact with Klübersynth RP 44-41.

The high proportion of sliding friction in the metal-on-metal contact of your component is reduced considerably by Klübersynth RP 44-41 even when subjected to high surface pressure, offering particular protection against wear in this area.

Klübersynth RP 44-41

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Very good wear protection due to the high load-carrying capacity

  • Specially selected additives offer good compatibility with elastomers and plastics

  • Low breakaway torques also at low temperatures

  • Good adhesion on metal surfaces

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