Klübersynth R 42-111

Артикулен №: 094119 Fully synthetic speciality grease for seals

Your gearboxes contain numerous seals whose long-term functioning is essential for low-friction operation. Any leakage leads to time-consuming and expensive maintenance operations.

Klübersynth R 42-111 was especially developed for the optimised operation of radial shaft seals and to facilitate proper seal assembly.

The use of fully synthetic base oils enables for-life lubrication, especially at high temperatures. The particular mix of base oils used leads to extraordinarily good compatibility with many frequently used elastomers (NBR, ACM, FKM) and plastics.

Klübersynth R 42-111 lubricates the seal during start-stop operation until the (gear) oil reaches the seal. It also improves seal lip wetting by the oil. Dirt and moisture are reliably prevented from entering the gearbox.

Klübersynth R 42-111

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Optimised lubrication of heavily loaded radial shaft seals

    • Extends the service life of your seals

    • Enables reliable lubrication in start-stop operation

  • Easier seal assembly

  • Longer component availability due to reduction of leakage

  • Versatile uses due to excellent compatibility with elastomers

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