Klübersynth PTB 2-24

Артикулен №: 025031 High-performance lubricant for electric plug-in contacts

Klübersynth PTB 2-24 is a high-performance lubricant based on ester that is free of PFAS and shows good oxidation resistance. Due to its low viscosity, Klübersynth PTB 2-24 is preferably used for automatic minimum-quantity lubrication of plug-in contacts in series production processes. Klübersynth PTB 2-24, which was especially developed for this kind of application, reduces assembly forces over many plug/unplug cycles, protecting the coated contact surfaces efficiently against tribological ageing without impairing electrical transition resistance. Moreover, the carefully selected additives help prevent wear due to vibrations, fretting and tribo-corrosion. This leads to longer component life over a wide service temperature range and the lubricated contacts retain their operability.

Klübersynth PTB 2-24

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Increased operativeness of contacts

    • due to excellent protection against fretting and tribo-corrosion

    • due to constant transition resistance

  • Reliable assembly due to constant plug and unplug forces

  • Fully automatic metering possible by way of spraying or immersion application

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