Klübersynth M 4-68 ESP

Артикулен №: 050208 Synthetic oils for electric submersible pumps and specialized downhole tools

Insufficient cooling of the motor oils is one of the primary reasons for malfunctions and premature failures of the ESP pumps. Klübersynth M 4- ESP oils are specially formulated using PAO base stock of the highest quality to enable reliable performance over longer periods.

High well temperature and heat generated in the motor can cause the motor oil to expand and degrade over time. The capacity of the thrust bearings relies, among other things, strongly on the operating temperatures because the viscosity of the motor oil decreases at elevated temperatures.

The high viscosity index of these oils enablesa stable oil viscosity over a broad temperature range.

The oils have high dielectric strength to maintain high insulation resistance and provide ample thermal conductivity for a proper cooling of the motor assembly.

Klübersynth M 4- ESP oils were tested in the harshest environments before being approved by the leading ESP pump manufacturers.

Klübersynth M 4-68 ESP

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extend pump life and reduce workover costs

  • Protect electrical components from downhole corrosive elements due to high dielectric strength

  • High viscosity index for best protection over wide temperature range

  • Excellent compatibility with seals and ESP components even at elevated temperatures

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