Klübersynth J 44-402

Артикулен №: 004263 Special synthetic grease for ball joints in chassis components

Klübersynth J 44-402 consists of fully synthetic base oil, lithium soap and additives increasing the ageing resistance and the corrosion protection of steel surfaces. Special additives increase adhesion on steel and plastic components, improve the dampening effect between the friction bodies and reduce the breakaway and running torques in ball joints. Klübersynth J 44-402 has been designed to reduce slick-slip and to keep friction values and the difference between static and dynamic friction as low as possible. The usual seal materials like chlorobutadiene rubber (CR) were taken into consideration when developing the grease. Prior to series application we recommend testing the compatibility with the elastomers and plastics used.

Klübersynth J 44-402

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low breakaway and running torques even after 24 hours of inoperative position

    • avoidance of cracking and stick-slip noise

  • Particularly low friction values

    • smooth running of joints even with high torsion

  • Good low-temperature behaviour

    • consistent smooth operation

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