Klübersynth HB 72-222

Артикулен №: 094139 High-temperature grease for support and guide rollers in conveyor chains and systems

Klübersynth HB 72-222 is a new generation of synthetic high-temperature greases for the lubrication of support and guide rollers in conveyors. The product formulation does not contain any substances that are known to interfere with the application of paint such as silicone, PFPE or PTFE. This lubricant can therefore also be used on the conveyor chains of furnaces in paint shops. The thermally stable grease shows effective wear protection and a longer useful life as was determined in tests in comparison with other, similar greases.

Klübersynth HB 72-222

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Longer useful life of grease in high-temperature applications due to improved antiwear effect

  • Optimised, paint-compatible grease for chain lubrication in car body paint shops

  • Improved thermal stability also at elevated ambient temperatures

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