Klübersynth H2 C 2-260

Артикулен №: 002045 High-temperature chain oil for spiral ovens

Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 is a special high-temperature oil developed for chains exposed to very elevated temperatures. The special additive combination contained in Klübersynth H2 C 2-260 allows a controlled wear protection and provides a stable lubricating film.

Klübersynth H2 C 2-260

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced energy con-sumption and wear

  • Low evaporation loss, thus reduced oil consumption, fume formation, and contamination

  • Good adhesion and spreading properties, therefore better penetration and coating within the lubricating points

  • Good load carrying capabilities

  • Increased chain life, thus reduced capital expenditure

  • Reduced residues without lacquer-like build-ups

  • Easier chain cleaning, thus less downtime for routine maintenance

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