Klübersynth H 46-702

Артикулен №: 012270 Synthetic special grease for torsion dampers and vibration dampers in vehicle drive trains

As a manufacturer of torsion dampers and/or vibration dampers you are likely to be facing the challenge of providing lifetime lubrication and reliable operation in combination with optimum damping and reduced wear.

The product Klübersynth H 46-702 from Klüber Lubrication offers the ideal solution for such applications. Klübersynth H 46-702 consists of fully synthetic base oils and a special lithium soap. Klübersynth H 46-702 shows good compatibility with frequently used plastic parts and seals.

As we have cooperated with international OEM partners for many years, we have sound and comprehensive expertise to support you with your application.

Klübersynth H 46-702

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Special grease tried and tested in series application

  • Remains at the friction point even when exposed to high centrifugal forces

  • Low oil separation

  • Noise-damping during engine start, vehicle start and when operating under load

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