Klübersynth H 46-462

Артикулен №: 012352 Special synthetic lubricating grease for torsion dampers and vibration dampers

As a manufacturer of powertrain damping systems such as two-mass flywheels or crankshaft dampers, you need a lubricant which complies with the high requirements in terms of wear, damping and service life.

With Klübersynth H 46-462 we offer you a special lubricant based on fully synthetic oils, which fulfills the modern requirements of the automotive industry for vibration absorption, damping and service life of your components. Klübersynth H 46-462 contributes to reducing wear under extreme loads and shows good compatibility with frequently used plastics and seals in clutches.

Klübersynth H 46-462

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extended component life due to

    • shear stability of the special lubricant

    • controlled low oil separation

    • high tolerance for temperature peaks

  • Very good noise damping and high comfort in the vehicle interior due to

    • modern and load-resistant soap concept

    • constantly low friction coefficient

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