Klübersynth GE 14-111

Артикулен №: 012253 Special greases for small gears operating under heavy loads and with a high percentage of sliding friction

Do you need to design small, grease-lubricated gearboxes that are both efficient and powerful? Does increasing power density pose an additional challenge? If so, you will probably also have to observe a wide service temperature range as well as excellent wear protection. Our special greases of the Klübersynth GE 14 series are the right solutions for such tasks. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed these speciality greases consisting of synthetic hydrocarbons, ester oil and an aluminium complex soap thickener. With their precisely tuned additives and the solid lubricants contained, the products offer excellent wear protection over a wide service temperature range.

Klübersynth GE 14-111

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Excellent scuffing load strength and wear protection due to carefully selected additives

  • Reliable lubricant film formation in a wide service temperature range due to fully synthetic base oils

  • Excellent protection against tribo-corrosion due to good backflow behaviour

  • Reliable operation due to tested and proven compatibility with seals

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