Klübersynth G 34-130

Артикулен №: 020501 Special grease for small gears

Klübersynth G 34-130 is a lubricating grease based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil, mineral oil, special Ca soap and polyurea. It has a wide service temperature range, good antiwear properties and high resistance to ageing. Klübersynth G 34-130 provides excellent protection against tribocorrosion resistance to water and good adhesion.

Klübersynth G 34-130

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Special grease for small gears

  • Suitable for aluminium components

  • Wide service temperature range

  • Good protection against wear

  • Excellent protection against tribocorrosion

  • Easily applicable through automatic metering devices

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