Klübersynth DB 4-18

Артикулен №: 028120 Synthetic impregnating oil for sintered metal plain bearings

In the automotive industry, as well as in the production of other industrial and consumer goods, sintered metal plain bearings often have to satisfy a variety of requirements. Klübersynth DB 4-18 fully synthetic oil offers a solution matching the needs of sintered metal plain bearings requiring long-term lubrication under arduous conditions.

Advanced speciality lubricants can provide lifetime lubrication over a wide service temperature range, with added reserve capacity for low temperatures.

The product's shear viscosity was intentionally reduced to improve the prevention of creaking noises at low temperature without impairing performance at high temperatures.

The excellent anticorrosive effect of Klübersynth DB 4-18 enables trouble-free operation in high humidity. Klübersynth DB 4-18 is also characterised by its added reserve capacity in the upper service temperature range, both when used in iron or bronze bearings.

Klübersynth DB 4-18

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low evaporation rate due to revised base oil concept

  • Improved low-temperature behaviour prevents creaking noises

  • Longer service life due to good oxidation and ageing resistance

  • High reliability and maintenance-free operation due to lifetime lubrication

  • Developed in cooperation with well-known OEMs

  • Enables energy savings due to low starting and running torques

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