Klübersynth CP 2-260

Артикулен №: 002187 High-temperature oil

The formation of oil vapours, smoke and residues on the chain, and the resulting wear, pose a risk for the reliable, continuous operation of your machinery. For this reason, Klüber Lubrication developed Klübersynth CP 2-260, a fully synthetic ester-based oil offering optimised thermal resistance for use at the very high temperatures encountered in continuous fibreboard presses. The advanced formulation enables a reduction of deposits and better dissolution of residues that have already formed. Optimised friction can be attained and maintenance and downtime kept to a minimum.

Klübersynth CP 2-260

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduces oil consumption due to considerably improved thermal stability at up to 250 °C

  • Increases energy efficiency due to optimised friction coefficients

  • Reduces oil vapours and deposits, leading to

    • lower cleaning effort and

    • much less smoke

  • Regenerates and dissolves pasty oil residues, reducing maintenance and downtime

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