Klübersynth BR 46-32 F

Артикулен №: 012300 Special grease for actuators, threaded spindles and ball screws

Speed or acceleration may be high in rolling and ball screws. As a result, operating temperature can be very high or start-up temperature very low. A lubricant providing for-life lubrication under the described conditions is a particular requirement of the automotive industry, e.g. in clutch or break actuators.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 F is a special lubricating grease designed to meet these requirements. It offers you the solution for lifetime lubrication in challenging applications in the automotive and other industries.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 F is based on a polyglycol / ester mixture, with a lithium complex soap that is resistant to temperature and ambient media, and selected solid lubricants. The product offers you very good smooth running properties at low temperatures owing to its low base oil viscosity. The oil's excellent oxidation stability ensures safe use at high temperatures. Its additives and selected solid lubricants contribute to high wear protection.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 F is compatible with EPDM elastomers and other materials. Please note that elastomer qualities of one or several manufacturers may vary. General compatibility with these materials cannot be guaranteed and has to be checked in each case.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 F

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced wear in the rolling and sliding contact zones

  • For-life lubrication at medium to high speeds

  • Optimum base oil combination for low starting torque at low temperatures

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