Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV

Артикулен №: 004344 Special grease for actuators and spindle threads

Unimpeded component operation throughout their service life without relubrication is an increasingly frequent requirement in advanced applications. Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV provides a matching long-term lubrication solution for both manufacturers and users of such components and systems. In addition, there are often extreme requirements such as smooth running at low temperatures or wear-free operation at high ambient temperature.

Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV offers a very low starting torque, enabling smooth, energy-efficient operation of your component at low temperatures. With Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV, short-term temperature peaks can be handled without substantial impairment of the product's lubricity.

If, on top of that, your application is also subject to vibration or elevated loads, Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV can protect your component against premature failure and wear. The UV indicator contained in the product makes sure minimum lubricant quantities can be applied in line with process requirements, contributing to cost-efficient component manufacture. Due to its good adhesion and optimised oil release, Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV enables reliable for-life lubrication even with minimum-quantity application.

Its good compatibility with plastics and elastomers make Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV a special grease that can be used for many different applications.

Klübersynth BM 44-42 UV

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Wide range of applications due to wide service temperature range

  • Extended component life due to optimised oil release and antiwear additives

  • Process-compliant application of minimum quantities enabled by UV indicator

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