Klübersynth BLR 46-122

Артикулен №: 012272 Substitute for silicone greases (also in motor vehicle brakes)

Klübersynth BLR 46-122 consists of polyglycol oil and lithium soap. Due to the low viscosity of the base oil, components run smoothly also at low temperatures. The additives contained in Klübersynth BLR 46-122 contribute to particularly low friction values and a high wear protection. The base oil can be mixed with the brake fluid DOT 3,4 and 5.1. It is compatible with EPDM and SBR. Compatibility with nonpolar materials like PP, PET, TPE is to be expected. Owing to the many different elastomer compositions their compatibility has to be checked prior to series applications.

Klübersynth BLR 46-122

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • No impairment of paint wetting or insulation of electric contacts, as may occur with silicone greases

  • Efficiency gain due to lower friction

  • Excellent low temperature behaviour

  • Compatibility with EDPM allows use in motor vehicle brakes

  • Reliable operation over a wide service temperature range

  • For lifetime lubrication even at high permanent temperatures

  • Good wear protection in plastic/elastomer material pairings allowing reliable component operation

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