Klübersynth BL 42-42

Артикулен №: 004264 Special grease for rolling bearings with elevated percentage of sliding friction

Klübersynth BL 42-42 is based on a thermally stable ester oil and a special lithium soap. With this unique concept, Klübersynth BL 42-42 shows a balanced oil separation over a wide temperature range, which is required for the lubrication of large ball and roller bearings. The larger a bearing is, the more important is the grease's oil separation, but also the wetting behaviour of the base oil to ensure reliable function and a long bearing life. It is a specific characteristic of this special lithium soap that it releases enough oil for bearing lubrication even after long exposure to high temperatures up to 160 °C, followed by operation at low temperatures.

Klübersynth BL 42-42

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Especially for applications with a high percentage of sliding friction, e.g. in roller bearings, due to the balanced oil separation

  • Multiple uses due to wide service temperature range, enabling product streamlining

  • Reduction of operating costs due to very good long-term lubricity

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