Klübersynth BEM 48-1501

Артикулен №: 097034 Emergency grease for roller bearing applications

There are several reasons why a wind turbine will not turn in the wind. Each of these reasons is a financial loss for you as the operator, and it is correspondingly worthwhile if at least failures due to damaged rolling bearings can be avoided or delayed. Once damage has occurred, short-term repair is not possible and the period until regular maintenance is often long.

With Klübersynth BEM 48-1501, however, you can avoid such failures and continue to operate your plant until the planned replacement of components or the entire plant. The handling is simple. Klübersynth BEM 48-1501 is added to the operating fluid, depending on the damage pattern, and thanks to the special formulation, a progression of the bearing damage can be delayed or prevented.

The high base oil viscosity and the EP additive contained as well as selected solid lubricants provide additional protection for the already damaged metal surface, so that continued operation until scheduled maintenance can be carried out without any problems.

Klübersynth BEM 48-1501

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Avoidance of unplanned downtimes and

    • Extension of the service life of damaged rolling bearings

    • planning of maintenance and replacement of rolling bearings

    • thus extended operating times of wind turbines

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