Klübersustain EZ 2-46

Артикулен №: 009074 Cleaning lubricant with extreme-pressure additives for large girth gear drives

Large open gears, found in the mining, cement, and pulp/paper industries, are critical for your operation and require regular inspection while free from the operational lubricant. Klübersustain EZ 2-46 helps you by cleaning the gears during the last hour of operation and eliminates the need for time-consuming, potentially dangerous manual cleaning. Klübersustain EZ 2-46 with > 70 % renewable raw materials reduces the need to use harmful solvents to clean the gears by utilizing a lubricating oil to protect the gears under load and excellent solvency to remove hardened lubricant from the gear mesh, tooth roots, and even the gear guard.

Klübersustain EZ 2-46

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Cleaning large open gear drives during operation possible due to excellent load-carrying capability and protection against scuffing

  • Easier cleaning alternative to prepare open gears for non-destructive testing (NDT) eliminates dangerous manual cleaning procedures

  • Cost savings because of reduced mill or kiln downtime for maintenance

  • Environmental protection because of eco-friendly formulation with > 70 % renewable raw materials

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