Klüberrail ALE 92-2000

Артикулен №: 009059 Ultimately biodegradable wheel flange lubricant for rail vehicles

The wheel flange and rail contact zones are subject to particularly high forces when going through bends, which will lead to wear and noise if lubrication is insufficient. Wheel flange lubricants are required to adhere to the wheel under varying ambient influences such as heavy rain or high temperatures.

Klüberrail ALE 92-2000 was developed as an eco-compatible, fully synthetic speciality lubricant for wheel flanges of rail vehicles. The fluid grease is ultimately biodegradable according to OECD 301 F and consists of a synthetic base oil, a mixed thickener and a combination of selected solid lubricants. Its chemical composition ensures a low friction coefficient between wheels and rails and reduces stick-slip effects when going through bends, which prevents noise and increases wheel and rail life. The additives used in Klüberrail ALE 92-2000 ensure good adhesion to the wheel flange, so the lubricant is not flung off even at high speeds (passed DB test PA-0001). The good water resistance of Klüberrail ALE 92-2000 largely prevents washing off by rain.

Klüberrail ALE 92-2000

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Less wear on wheels and rails

  • Prevents noise while going through bends

  • Full effect at high speeds as lubricant is not flung off the wheel

  • No washout in the rain due to the very good resistance to water

  • Particularly suitable for high ambient temperatures

  • Ultimately biodegradable for environmentally sound operation

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