Klüberplus S 07-100 M2

Артикулен №: 012380 Gel for facilitated assembly of elastomer and plastic components

When joining or assembling rubber-elastic materials, it is particularly important that the components can be fitted perfectly without excessive force. Ill-fitting or damaged surfaces are frequently the result of less than optimal assembly lubrication, e.g. by mineral-oil-based products, soap solutions, water or silicones. In the application, this may become apparent in the form of corrosion, poor compatibility, impaired wetting of elastomers or residues.

As products matching precisely these applications we developed Klüberplus S 07-100, -100 M2, and -100 M4. During assembly, these products generate a temporary lubricating effect that makes the components fit into each other smoothly. As assembly forces are evidently up to 75 % lower, the amount of reject can be reduced and the production rate increased. As the water evaporates, the product ceases to act as a lubricant, so the component is fixed firmly in place. Klüberplus S 07-100, -100 M2 and -100 M4 offer you a wide variety of uses as they are neutral towards most customary materials. No matter if in wet or dry condition, the water-based product does not encourage corrosion.

The Klüberplus S 07 series is available in three ready-to-use viscosity variants. Owing to the gel-like texture of Klüberplus S 07-100, this product adheres well to the assembled component, so overhead application is easily possible with the workplace remaining clean. Klüberplus S 07-100 M2 and 100 M4 are ready-to-use emulsions with a lower viscosity. They are therefore preferably used for immersion or spray application, or generally in applications where a lower viscosity is required.

Klüberplus S 07-100 M2

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Cost savings due to shorter assembly times and reduction of rejects due to lower assembly forces

  • Environmentally friendly and safe to use

    • Lower consumption of chemicals due to excellent temporary lubricating effect

    • Non-flammable, water-based concept - without solvent or mineral oils

    • Prevents workplace injuries due to less force required for assembly

  • Neutral towards many materials, including EPDM, NBR, FKM, VMQ, ACM

  • Optimised wetting of materials with low surface tension (e.g. FKM, VMQ)

  • Offers full protection against corrosion once water content has fully evaporated

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