Klüberplex RA 41-151

Артикулен №: 020365 Special grease for automotive applications where smell is to be avoided

For you as a manufacturer of car interior components, the reduction of odorous emissions is becoming ever more of an issue. Lubricants supporting the optimum function of your components play an important role in this respect.

We have therefore optimised the olfactory characteristics of Klüberplex RA 41-151 and designed it to reduce friction and wear in plain bearings, guide rails, mechanisms and actuators made of plastic and/or metal.

Furthermore, some special factors should be considered when lubricating plastic components. Since metal and plastic show different behaviour in several decisive ways, any lubricant to be used with plastics has to be adjusted accordingly. Compared with metal, plastics are rather soft. Solid lubricants have a positive effect in many metal friction points; on plastic surfaces, by contrast, their effect may be non-existent or even detrimental. Klüber Lubrication developed Klüberplex RA 41-151, which is free of solid lubricants and offers good adhesion.

Klüberplex RA 41-151

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • No undesirable smells - approval acc. to BMW GS907014 and VDA 270

  • Reliable detection of minimum grease quantities by UV indicator

  • Enables mechanical (haptic) damping and noise reduction

  • For use with several types of plastic and elastomer

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