Klüberplex HB 98-601

Артикулен №: 017197 Innovative high-temperature rolling bearing grease

As an operator of machine components that are exposed to high loads and high temperatures, you know the challenges of regularly dismounting the lubrication lines, caused by hardening and clogging.

We have developed Klüberplex HB 98-601 precisely for this challenge. The innovative thickener system and excellent pumpability prevent these hardenings from occurring in the first place. The friction point is thus optimally supplied with lubricant, friction and wear as well as maintenance requirements can be reduced. This not only saves you costs arising from plant shutdowns, it also reduces the health hazard for your maintenance personnel in this area.

In addition, Klüberplex HB 98-601 helps you to reduce the relubrication quantity, as the experience of our customers has already shown. The high viscosity of the semi-synthetic base oil in combination with the special calcium thickener ensures excellent load-carrying capacity even at very high temperatures. At the same time, Klüberplex HB 98-601 retains its pumpability and does not harden during operation, ensuring that your machines run smoothly and reliably.

Klüberplex HB 98-601

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extended component life based on optimised lubricant supply

    • from low to extremely high temperatures, even under high loads

    • due to good pumpability and the prevention of solidification in lubrication systems

  • Improves sustainability and helps reduce costs, enabled by

    • the significantly reduced consumption and thus also reduced waste

    • the good water resistance and thus also lower water contamination

    • minimum maintenance required on the lubricant supply lines

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