Klüberpaste R 11-502

Артикулен №: 005119 Special paste for lubrication of plastic materials and prevention of stick-slip and noise

Klüberpaste R 11-502 is a special paste containing solid lubricants used for the lubrication and noise-prevention in plastic-plastic material pairings, e.g. in sliding or dampening elements made of thermoplastics, and in particular POM-POM pairings.

Due to the carefully designed combination with solid lubricants, the difference between static and sliding friction is minimised, which enables Klüberpaste R 11-502 to prevent creaking noises even in relatively elastic materials like plastics, and even under high loads.

Klüberpaste R 11-502

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Noise prevention

  • Prevention of stick-slip

  • For plastic/plastic sliding pairings (e.g. POM)

  • For use with NBR and other rubber-elastic materials

  • Highly adhesive

  • Resistant to water

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