Klübermatic KD

Артикулен №: 039051 Manual spraying equipment

The manual spraying equipment comprises a stainless steel reservoir and a hand pump used to build up a compressed air cushion above the lubricant level up to a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar.

In addition to the standard spraying tube of 450 mm with a bent nozzle end, an extension tube is provided that can be continuously adjusted from 1070 to 2000 mm. The usability of the equipment has been tested, and it has been adjusted to the requirements in practice. It does not require a stationary compressed air connection. Klübermatic KD is TÜV and GS certified.

Klübermatic KD

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low investment costs

  • High reliability

  • Easy handling - no special training required for operation

  • High flexibility - shoulder strap provided for ease of transport (weight with complete fill: approx. 11 kg)

  • Corrosion-resistant materials – long equipment life

  • Not subject to EC pressure equipment – no regular pressure inspection required sure equipment directive

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